Racing 0-2 Barça >> Barçablog Fan Reaction

Lia said: 'I'm really tired of other teams just kicking, pulling down, stomping on feet and cleating Barça. It's all they know to do when playing Barça. For once I'd like to see an honest game from the challenging team. Oh, and Barça played well, but 2 or 3 more goals could have been had'

Jerad said: 'Pretty good game. Should've been 5-0. I really hope Pedro can start finishing soon! Messi was amazing as usual. MoM in my opinion. Cesc played a lot better today'

Sousou said: 'Decent match, we played well and didn't make many mistakes. We just lacked finishing, but I'm definitely satisfied'

Brighton said: 'I feel for Pedro. he's got what it takes but something is lacking - form and patience with himself'

Narek said: 'Pedro could've made a whole lot of goals but what can you do...'

Adelere said: 'We have to thank our king Leo Messi because I don't think all our strikers can rescue us in crucial matches'

Attila said: 'Puyol was my Man Of The Match in this day when the quality of the goal scorers was lower than normal'

Cecilia said: 'I always thought Real Madrid were going to win the Primera this season, said so already in the summer. They are hungrier and have a very powerful team with the players gelling well. But it's a Mou team and that won't last. This season, however, they are very effective, like a well-oiled machine. All the refereeing mistakes aside, Barcelona have slipped up, and Madrid haven't. Simple as. Let's win the Champion's, and the Copa!'

Drago said: 'I think we all have to accept that La Liga is probably gone. Madrid certainly can't complain about the refereeing this year. They have had the benefit of plenty of bad calls. A Barcelona win in the Champions League will take a lot of the gloss away from them. For me, the best possible outcome would be Barca destroying Moudrid in the Final'

Joni said: 'I really don't care if Madrid win the liga or not... I just hope they do not keep a higher distance from Barca till the next Clasiko so the team does not have to do them honors at Camp Nou!'

Massimo said: 'There should be a lot to say about Madrid's lead but I still think Barca is stronger and more performant than them!'

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