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Modern technology has ensured that FC Barcelona are no longer supported passionately just in Catalonia and the rest of Spain. Their support is now literally world-wide.

When Barca are playing, people are watching on television or the Internet virtually everywhere and at all times of the day or night. For me, a Barcelona game kick off is at anytime between 4AM and 8AM in the morning. I prefer it when Barcelona are scheduled to play the late game on Saturday or Sunday night as this makes the time more viewer friendly for me.

The growth in Barca's world-wide support has seen many people resolve to see them play live at Camp Nou. This has greatly boosted the tourist industry in Barcelona thereby helping the city's economy cope better than many other cities in Spain with the recession. Of course, FCB is not the only reason people visit Barcelona. Tourism has always been a lifeblood of the economy with the city possessing an architectural richness, wonderful climate and a vibrant nightlife. However, the opportunity to see the current FC Barcelona team play live at Camp Nou has become another important reason for people to visit Barcelona.

On my two visits to Barcelona, I have met people from all over the world. Barca are easily the most popular team in eastern Europe where people can readily relate with FCB's historical battle against oppression.  An increasing proportion of Barca's ever expanding fan base are from the economic giants of eastern Asia. A regular pre-match ritual at Barca's home games is the many visitors having their photos taken at Camp Nou. As a Barca supporting visitor, I have found the locals to be very friendly and welcoming especially as I have made the effort to learn some Spanish. The locals are all very proud of how popular Barca has become.

FCB have been very clever in catering for the many visitors wanting to see games at Camp Nou. While the stadium is sold out to season ticket holders (with a long waiting list), tickets to most games are readily available. The is because the club encourages the season ticket holders to nominate which games they do not wish to attend. The club is then able to on-sell those returned tickets to, among others, the many tourists visting Barcelona hoping to see games at Camp Nou. Naturally, the price is dearer for the tourists. Everyone is made happy with this arrangement. The season ticket holder is able to keep it affordable to attend a reduced number the games. FCB is able to boost its revenue for what would otherwise be empty seats. The Barcelona supporting visitor is now usually able to attend games when in Barcelona. Finally, the people who otherwise may no longer have jobs are also happy.


Posted by: Drago , Columnist at 'Culé Talk