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Figo: 'I feel priviledged to have played for both Barça and Madrid'

Figo: 'The rivalry between Barça and Madrid is very intense, which gives football its unique flavour. I felt passionate about both teams'

Figo: 'At this moment in time, it's hard to tell whether Barça is better than Madrid or not. All I can say is that it's a pleasure to the current FC Barcelona team play. They have lots of individual talent and are a brilliant, talented team as a whole'

Figo: 'Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi? Well, I'd have both in my team. They are two great, very different players'

- Man, I hate this Figo guy with a passion. Just hearing his name sends shivers up my spine. What an absolute, terrible *&$p;*%^$% (You can fill in the gap yourself here, because I don't particularly like swearing!)

For those of you who have been following Barçablog from the very beginning, you already know my personal story in regards to The Portuguese Pig, explained in my 'No respect for players who leave Barça for Real Madrid' article.

Long story cut short:

My younger brother had a Figo 7 Barça top that we had to burn after he left us for Madrid's dirty cash despite being our captain. He clearly didn't understand what the Catalan flag in his armband meant. When you play for FC Barcelona, you don't just join a team to score goals and win. As you know, 'Barça es mes que un club'. It is a feeling, a love for a country, a respect for your supporters and many more aspects that can't be measured with goal-scoring or assists stats. Figo's move to Madrid has to be the biggest betrayal in football history. I have no respect for him.

And there you have it, in a nutshell. Since that shameful betrayal back in the year 2000, whenever Figo The Pig appears on TV, I feel like throwing bricks at it. If he's on the radio, I kick it. If I saw him walking down the street... I hope we will never know, as I wouldn't like to be locked up in jail!

What makes it even more frustrating is the fact that, a whole 12 years later, the guy is still not getting what made Culés so annoyed with him in the first place. Figo The Pig is still using the terms 'Barça' and 'Madrid' in the same sentence, putting them both at the same level, talking about both clubs as equals, unable to decide which one he actually prefers. STOP playing one against the other and make your mind up!

The Portuguese Judas is so blind that he can not even see how Leo Messi is miles ahead of Cristinita Ronaldo in virtually every aspect of the game. Yes, of course I am aware both players are extraordinary in terms of goalscoring abilities but, when you look at their individual perfomances in big matches, the fact there is even a comparison between them is laughable: Messi is A MILLION miles ahead of Madrid's Calvin Klein's supermodel. For me, the debate is pointless.

I am fully aware years have passed and those who weren't born Blaugrana may interpret this hatred as an extremely alien, maybe even unjustified feeling. Many have tried to use the 'Come on man, get over it, it's only a game' argument to play down the importance. 

To those trying to convince me, I can answer with just THREE words:

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