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Mourinho: 'For me the big question is knowing who will play against Barca in the final. It will be a great semi-final, Bayern against Real Madrid, and the best team will go on to play against Barca'

Mourinho: 'Why are Barca in the final already? Well, because they are very good. Barcelona aren't the favourites, they are super-favourites.' (then stood up, rudely ending the press conference)

Guardiola: 'I'm thankful for the confidence he has in us but all four teams in the semi-finals have a chance'

- Despite my superhuman efforts to ignore whatever rubbish comes out the dirty mouths of Mourinho and his slaves from the Madrid-based press, I really can't help answering him. It's like that terrible itchiness that invades your body in Spring time: You know you shouldn't, but the annoying pain truly calls for a well-deserved scratch.

It is at this stage in the season that titles are won or lost. Yes, of course I remember Barca have already lifted the Spanish and European Supercups and beat Neymar's Santos to the Club World Cup but, let's face it, the trophies Culé fans really care about are still up for grabs.

At one stage in the season, FC Barcelona were a massive 13 points behind Real Madrid in their fight for La Liga. Despite the fact that it hurts my guts to admit it, the truth is Los Mandriles were much more consistent than us before the Christmas break, with the Pep Team's form dramatically dropping away from home and those Spanish RFEF referees doing a very controversial job - to say the least. I am fully aware of Barca's final push to chase the title but I wouldn't be too surprised if it ended up being a case of 'too little too late' - Having said that, I am still hopeful that it can be done!

The titanic battle of La Copa Del Rey showed the real difference between Barca and Real Madrid: Virtually none in terms of squad potential, but abysmal when it comes to maximising player strength when applying the team's formation. Let's be clear: Whenever Mourinho faces Guardiola's men, he tends to panic and park the bus as if he was managing a minor team such as Recreativo de Huelva instead of the self-proclaimed best football team in history (which, in itself, is an extremely debatable statement!)

The Portuguese Whiner's ongoing coward attitude even caused friction amongst his own players, who couldn't seem to understand why they were simply not allowed to engage in a fair, direct battle against Barca - which, to be honest, would have been much more exciting than watching the 'attack vs defense' show Mourinho seems determined to bore us with every time El Clasico comes.

So what is The 5555pecial Five trying to achieve with his latest mouthy rant? Well, it's pretty clear, isn't it? He is obviously preparing the upcoming Champions League final already, throwing a shadow of doubt over whatever may happen in our semifinal against Chelsea. If Barca win, Mou would say: 'I told you so'. If we lose, he would argue: 'The refs were actually fair this time'. So, whatever happens, Mou has already ensured his right to have an opinion on a topic that, let's not forget, he actually has NOTHING to do with.

Mourinho has shown what a miserable, poor soul he actually is - not for the first time either. Will Florentino intervene to save Madrid's reputation at this stage? Of course not, don't be so silly!

As I have said many times before, all FC Barcelona needs to do is focus on ourselves. Considering we are a mere 10 games away from the final match of the season and still hoping for an immaculate SIX trophies, we simply can't afford to waste a second listening to attacks from Mourinho, his Twitter-lover agent or those who defend Madrid's señorío behind the masks at Marca, As, Intereconomia or other coward members of La Caverna Mediatica.

Posted by: Tom at 'Read My Mind' 
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