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It goes without saying that I am a fanatical supporter of FC Barcelona. Otherwise, I would not be silly enough to get up at 4AM (my time) if that is when they are playing.

In conjunction with my support of Barça, I do have a second favourite team whom I also want to win every game they play. Modern technology and paying a monthly subscription make it possible for me to watch plenty of other football, and I certainly do. However, there only two teams in which  I have a real emotional interest in their results. Of course, that second team is whoever is playing Real Madrid.

For most of this season, my second favourite team has been absolutely abysmal losing nearly every game. This resulted in Barcelona finding themselves ten points behind Madrid with seemingly little chance of winning La Liga. To be fair to my second favourite team, they had often been the victim of some atrocious refereeing decisions. They have had fair goals disallowed, conceded very soft penalties and could never get a penalty even for blatant handballs. That being said, I had just about written off their chances of ever getting a result.

However, in the last month my second favourite team has really lifted its game. Brilliantly executed free kicks late in the game enabled Malaga and Villarreal to earn 1-1 draws with Madrid to give us a glimmer of hope. Naturally, Madrid reacted with their usual good grace and sportsmanship blaming everyone except themselves.

Last night, Valencia achieved a well deserved 0-0 at the Bernebeu. Indeed, they could easily have won. But who cares?

Barça now trail Madrid by only four points who are showing signs of imploding. We need to continue to win our games as we have been doing. If we can do that, my second favourite may just help us win the title.

Let's start the debate right here: DO YOU see Barça winning La Liga?

Guest Post by: Drago at 'Culé Talk'