Cristiano Ronaldo Attacks Lionel Messi - What A Disgraceful Whiner

Cristiano Ronaldo, after another frustrating performance with Portugal: 'Do you know where Messi was at this time last year? Do you know? He was being eliminated in the Copa America, in his own country. I think that’s worse, isn't it?'

- What do you think of Cristina's words?


  1. Anonymous16.6.12

    This shows that he is trying to reach the level of Messi.Mr C7 Messi is far above you play your football and don't tryna be like someone

  2. Anonymous16.6.12

    Wrong answer actually he was picking up his 2nd balloon d'or in a row

  3. Anonymous16.6.12

    go messi u are d best

  4. I think this proves that he is a so loser tht has to compare everything with Messi even though he is far from Messi and can't take a little critism

  5. Anonymous17.6.12

    I think the media should STOP this ''Ronaldo- Messi comparison of a thing''. I mean put yourself in the shoe of 1 of these players, You'd see how annoying it gets..

  6. Anonymous17.6.12

    He knows he can never match messi records so its a big big pain for

  7. Anonymous21.6.12

    very sore looser!

  8. Anonymous23.6.12

    ronaldo= such a winer

  9. Anonymous7.7.12

    how can you people think that messi is batter than c7 who is batter than messi in everything,c7 can do almost every thing in the field him self without the help of his team mates while the so call best player messi can't play with out the help of xavi and inesta!!!


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