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5 Players Barcelona Are Considering As 'Plan B' Strikers

Barcelona's season collapsed after a horrendous week which included defeats to Real Madrid in La Liga and Chelsea in the Champions League. While the other 4 titles lifted this year can't be overlooked, it must be said that Barcelona were unable to beat teams who opted for ultra defensive formations at crucial points of the season.

Lionel Messi is a football genius and top goalscorer in Barcelona history but, despite his 73 goals, the team suffered when it mattered most. Sure, the injuries from David Villa, Pedro, Alexis Sanchez and Afellay weakened our attacking power but I felt we lacked a Plan B, a second route towards goal when tiki-taka simply wasn't working.

Barcelona Has Historically Had 'Plan B' Strikers


Johan Cruyff is regarded as the father of Barcelona's attacking football, the hidden guru behind the success of future managers such as Frank Rijkaard or Pep Guardiola.

 Barcelona's Dream Team in the early 1990s was lead by Ronald Koeman in defence, young Pep Guardiola in midfield and Hristo Stoitchkov and Romario upfront. But one small detail can't be forgotten: Johan Cruyff often turned to skinny, clever giant Julio Salinas whenever his Barcelona needed that extra, different attacking option at the end of matches.

 Johan Cruyff won Barcelona's first ever Champions League in 1992 and was then famously sacked in 1994 due to ongoing disagreements with former president Josep Lluís Núñez. Barcelona had to then wait until 2006 to lift our second Champions League - a 14 year European drought which was mainly caused by the Barcelona board's decision of employing managers who largely preferred strength to skill (such as Bobby Robson or Louis Van Gaal)

 Frank Rijkaard's Barcelona will always be remembered because of the magic of Ronaldinho, the raw pace of Samuel Eto'o and the early sparks of brilliance from a certain Lionel Messi.


 But don't forget the massive part played by Henrik Larsson, the veteran Swedish striker who landed at the Camp Nou after an incredibly successful career at Celtic Glasgow, scoring 242 goals in 313 appearances.

 For Barcelona, signing Larsson was a no-brainer: An experienced, proven striker on a free transfer? Yes, please! For Larsson, the opportunity to come to the Camp Nou was a great chance to add further silverware to his individual trophy cabinet.

 A win-win situation for both player and club: Larsson ended up scoring a very valuable 19 times for Barcelona despite only playing 58 matches, mostly as a substitute.

 Thierry Henry explained the following after losing the 2006 Champions League final to Barcelona:

 "People always talk about Ronaldinho and Eto'o and people like that; you need to talk about the proper footballer who made the difference, and that was Henrik Larsson tonight"

 Who Should Barcelona Choose As 'Plan B' Striker?


I have recently read Barcelona are reportedly interested in Miroslav Klose, Germany's eternal striker. With 63 goals in 115 appearances for Die Mannschaft, denying his goalscoring ability would be ridiculous. Having said that, I am less impressed with his club form: 34 year-old Klose has only netted 27 times in his last 97 matches at Bayern Munich and Lazio.

My question at this stage is clear: What about Didier Drogba? The 34 year-old Ivory Coast striker just left Stamford Bridge after leading Chelsea to their first ever Champions League. The experienced striker has succeeded at club, country and European level and would join Barcelona on a free transfer. Drogba has scored 181 goals in 396 appearances since 2003, averaging a remarkable 44 matches per season on average.

According to the Catalan media, Barcelona has also considered other options: Frédéric Kanouté (35 years old, 128 goals in 270 matches at Sevilla, free agent), Diego Forlan (33 years old, 155 goals in 325 matches while at Villarreal and Atletico Madrid, currently at Inter Milan) or Diego Milito (32 years old, 61 goals in 125 matches for Zaragoza in La Liga, currently at Inter Milan)


 Considering all of the options above, my choice is clear: Signing Didier Drogba must be a priority - as long as he is willing to accept a backup role as Barcelona's Plan B striker.

Didier Drogba's experience, proven goalscoring record and winning nature would definitely increase the quality of Tito Vilanova's squad.

What We Learned

While Barcelona should focus on reinforcing our defensive line with a strong central defender and a speedy left-back, it is also true that some of our transfer budget must be allocated to signing a proven, experienced, taller striker who has the ability to come in as a Plan B when matches turn ugly.

Building on the legacy of Pep Guardiola will not be easy but adding Didier Drogba as a Plan B would definitely help Barcelona on our new journey.

Let's hope Barcelona get it right and we can welcome our new 'Henrik Larsson' soon.


Have Your Say 

 What did you think of this article?

 Does Barcelona need a Plan B striker?

 Who would you prefer for the Plan B striker role: Klose, Drogba, Milito, Kanoute or Forlan? Why?

 Did I miss out on any important points you would like to share with us?

 I welcome and appreciate all respectful feedback.

 Força Barça!!

 Posted by: Francesc Tomàs
 Founder and Columnist at

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  1. Posted by Jason 2 hours, 7 minutes ago
    Have my say? I'll be glad to. Barca can go away and not even try to go to Barcelona. Go look for alternative options from it's "sensational" academy.
    Dream on. Barca doesn't deserve Drogba.

    Posted by Bence Bődi 1 hour, 30 minutes ago
    What a fantastic idea, Drogba is still a top quality player even in his age!

    Posted by John Nagel 1 hour, 28 minutes ago
    "sensational" academy?! Of course it is sensational, what other club has a youth system that has produced that many world-class players? And, Drogba does not "deserve" to be in a Barça shirt, he completely lacks any sense of sportsmanship and does not fit the profile of a Barcelona player. Plan B is needed, though, and Llorente or Falcao would be better (if not cheap) options.

    Posted by Hamza Gelement 1 hour, 25 minutes ago
    Forlan is a lucky, experience, striker because of what i said that he always try on attempting scoring the goal when he is suppose to do that or when he is in the penalty area. Also he is better than Drogba according to my view! Visca Barcaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  2. Posted by Zacks 1 hour, 17 minutes ago
    Sugn plan A like Luis Suarez as the best option. If not sign first Milito,2nd Drogba,3rd choice Klose.

    Posted by senay 46 minutes ago
    you desnt know football those who say falcao or any other players but bleave it or not didier is better than christiano ronaldo drogba has 2 years left he can play until 36 he has taken a part in all final and semi final games for chelsea reaching is the semi final doesnt matter what matters is winnig the drogba

    Posted by senay 41 minutes ago
    didier drogba is the player who scores in final and semi final those who says falcao is better than Drogba u dont know soccer .

    Posted by Tunnex 38 minutes ago
    Drogba will be perfect for barca

  3. Posted by Reza Khan 1 day, 1 hour ago
    My Opinions Drogba is not full fit for La-Liga.Klose have some lack of goal scoring But The Article of short option I have to choose DIEGO FORLAN;;;Because Forlan have nice worldcup exprince,WC.Qualifying exp.He knows how to come back & doing score to win the Match...I have to say TITO VILANOVA ;Its a ideal strategy (Plan-B),You have to must solved it..My request that you sign to Diago Forlan & it could be More stronger to BARCELONA Squad...>>>>>

    Posted by Raymond Akpos 1 day ago
    u talking abt plan B,Drogba is d man.Drogba is d only striker on earth currently i can bet my neck for.One dat decides match single handedly.

    Posted by Tim 1 day ago
    Falcao a cheaper option?
    R u leaving in a dream land?
    Do u know how much Atletico Madrid forked out to sign him? Drogba is free so no transfer fee to be paid

    Posted by Godwin 1 day ago
    Trut of fact is drogba we need in barca

    Posted by REZA 22 hours, 18 minutes ago
    Diago Forlan will suit for BARCA.If Barca Choose Drogba or Klose it will be Foolish & risky decision Because Forlan have the ability to come back & show the skill...If I say Experience--Forlan have nice exp.La-Liga,World cup,Wc.Qualifying rounds....

    Posted by Tyoakaa Aondoaseer 19 hours, 29 minutes ago
    Do u really think Dr:Ogba will embark on such an adventure?Do you after chelsea confirmed him a legend who was the achitect of every fortune at the bridge will now go and be bowing to kids?.Hey no,he is our "hero" and is not looking for a club rather clubs are for his signiture.Can barca afford his wage-fee of £250k weekly?

  4. Posted by My lord 18 hours, 53 minutes ago
    As 4 me,samuel eto'o is d best option.

    Posted by Dilshad 18 hours, 16 minutes ago
    DROGBA= Only to show perform EPL.This Kind of player never adjust in Barca.
    KLOSE= He has some kind of protean to score the match.But he has many kind of Lack (seance ,Through ball & Dribbling).
    FORLAN=He is the Mighty player of the Barcas list.He is Quick ,sharp & Both footed player.He have to Prove his best.Many type of game he came back the Team to Fight Back.
    =FINAL NOTE= 3 of this Barca need a complete finisher who succeed the plan-B. YES!!,Not only finisher but also,He is the Lethel Finisher Mr. DIAGO FORLAN.....

    Posted by Aaron Mark Hendrix 12 hours, 59 minutes ago
    I agree with you that we need a target man,but Drogba will NOT join Barca coz he's not gonna be a squad player.He's almost at the end of his career and will be lookin for one last big pay-day,which we shouldnt give him anyhow.So whom do we then get?Kanoute sounds good if you ask me,coz Klose , Milito and Forlan dont actually fit the profile of a "Big & Tall" target men,though all are very good players.We know he will score goals,and has played in Liga as well for some time now.Proven and also reliable,I feel he's the best option and he'll be free.Good in the air,and with both feet,he holds the ball well and also has a good attitude.So without doubt,my preference is for Kanoute,although it remains to be seen if he'll be ok with not starting every game.and FYI,La Masia has churned out more players for Barca than any academy around the world.If you look at our usual 11,only Alves,Abidal,Villa & Sanchez are outsiders(Busquets,Xavi,Iniesta in the midfield)That is quite some achievement...

  5. Posted by Barnaco 10 hours, 33 minutes ago
    De Rossi should be sing for Barca'

    Posted by Anonymous 8 hours, 44 minutes ago
    Good one.Falco is d man.

    Posted by sekyim 7 hours, 49 minutes ago
    i totaly agree the signing of Didie for the plan b purpose... we luck the strengh to push the ball into the box in a defensive style of play and if signed i promise Barca will now be a all around team n with GOD no 1 can stand us ......

    Posted by Webster,Tanzania 7 hours, 37 minutes ago
    Cavani ov napoli z a beta option 4 Barcelona plan B!

    Posted by Doltman 7 hours, 34 minutes ago
    Up barca . Am totaly cnfuzd abt all dese players wit dis plan B' i'l av rate Kun Aguero more dan any1 of dem. He hs an xprns in la liga more dan dem nd he is also an Agenti ! Thus,patnin hm nd Leonel wil nt b a prob 4 us .Tnx . No. 1 nd wil shal neva fall.

    Posted by Kenjackson 6 hours, 14 minutes ago
    To me, i think and believe that barca needs a player lik drogba,milito or forlan, but when considering age, then goal punchers like rooney or chicharito will be an option.

    Posted by Ziyad Alam 3 hours, 40 minutes ago
    We dont need anyone!!! Just let Villa come back and give him the central role. Villa will do his magic. No striker is as talented as him

    Posted by kobina nkrumah 8 minutes ago
    we should buy forlan because messi+villa+forlan=cups

  6. Anonymous11.6.12

    Drogba is the man! He is a complete striker,but the question now is that,would he be willing to be a plan-B player?

  7. Henry Rijndertser12.6.12

    Why don't we get a player from our youth team? If there's a player who i like to a striker of Barca, it will be Falcão from Atletico!

  8. If we could build a solid defensive line, we don't need PLAN B nor any more strikers. Hope villa will be back to fully fit , if not sign a player like RVP.

  9. oseikluivert12.6.12

    Drogba stands tall among them,well proven and a big game match player.

  10. Anonymous13.6.12

    Drogba is way too egoistic for Barcelona. Just look at his face. Or plays. In my oppinion Kanoute is the best (and the only) choice 'cos he could adapt the play, stay at his role (while enjoying it) and i believe he could live his "second growth" in a big club (like Barca) which he has never played in. The other 3 are going down and they have played their best in big clubs, so they wouldn't enjoy being a backup at any team, unlike Kanoute. He would be a perfect choice.
    (Plus he always reminded me of Henry, just less "fortunate"...)


    Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba is expected to confirm he is joining Chinese side Shanghai Shenhua this week.

    The Ivory Coast international, aged 34, has reportedly agreed a two-and-a-half year contract worth a staggering £25m.

    Centre of attention: Didier Drogba on visit to India

    Drogba will announce the deal on his personal website, according to the Chinese club's chief investor Zhu Jun.

    United Arab Emirates club Al Wasl have also shown an interest in Drogba, who is a free agent.

    But a move to China will will reunite him with another former Chelsea striker, Nicolas Anelka.

    'The next step is interesting,' said Drogba during a promotional visit to India.

    'I will announce it soon. But as of now, you will just have to wait.'

    Ambitious Shenhua have spent lavishly on foreign talent, including coaches.

    They sacked head coach Jean Tigana earlier this season and replaced him with former Argentina manager Sergio Batista last month.

    They are currently 12th in the 16-club Super League.


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