5 Reasons To Join The Barcablog Team

Calling all Barcelona fans: For the first time in years, Barcablog are recruiting! If you have what it takes to provide our community with engaging content about Barcelona, the best football team on the planet, read on.

Here are five reasons why you should write for Barcablog:

1. A well-established reader fanbase

Barcablog has grown into one of the biggest Barcelona communities in the world, having attracted over 700,000 followers in social media since our journey started back in 2010. If you are serious about having your opinions heard, this is an ideal platform for you. Our respectful, dedicated readers would love to hear what you have to say.

2. Be free to express yourself

The vast majority of media outlets often put pressure on writers, dictating how often posts should be submitted, what the topics of discussion should be and even refuse to publish opinions which are, let's say, too controversial for their liking.

We are proud to be different. Our ethos is to empower writers to be as creative and engaging as they can possible be. If you are dedicated enough to share your thoughts with our community, we will give you the freedom to choose the topic, style, timing and frequency of your posts.

3. A supportive approach

Being put in front of a blank paper (or post editor, in the digital age we live in) can be a daunting prospect. Don't worry, we have been there before, no need to panic. As an experienced contributor for ESPN, Weloba and Catalunya Radio, as well as having featured at The Guardian and the official FC Barcelona website, you can trust you will be in great hands. Our team can be contacted at any time, a helping hand will surely be at the other end to help.

4. Exposure

As a member of our team, your work will be shared with our dedicated, 700,000-strong social media community. You will become a household name in no time, and your reputation will rapidly increase as a result if you persevere and publish consistently.

5. Time to share your talent

Every Barcelona fan dreams about managing the Camp Nou giants at some point in their life. While we can't guarantee you will become the next Pep Guardiola any time soon, volunteering as a regular contributor to Barcablog will give your work instant worldwide exposure. The sky is the limit afterwards!

I'm ready! What next?

If you want to join our team and feel you have the passion, talent and confidence needed, this is your unique opportunity to prove your worth.

Contact Francesc Tomas at myworldofsport@gmail.com for more details, we will be delighted to start the ball rolling -- tiki-taka style, of course.