Dani Alves rejects fair offer to renew his Barcelona contract

Dani Alves rejects fair offer to renew his Barcelona contract
Dani Alves has rejected Barcelona's latest offer to renew his contract, which expires in June 2015. 

Dani Alves' agent, Dinorah Santana, explained: "We want to avoid people saying Dani Alves is a money-grabber. Barcelona offered up three years in a format of one year, plus one, plus one. And we said no. We wanted three years but they said no. Then we suggested two, plus one with the condition that he would get the final year if he played 70 percent of games in the second season. They said no, again. This morning I received a an offer by email. Barça said three years if the player plays at least 60 percent each season, if he doesn't, it won't continue year-on-year. That for me is not three years. It is one year. Negotiations have now been closed."

However, Dani Alves' representative left the door open for the negotiations to continue: "If Barcelona offer us two years, plus an optional third, Dani would stay. But he is more out than in at the moment because I don't think they will change their offer. Dani Alves is sad because he thought that we would reach an agreement."

Based on the Brazilian's professional attitude and current status as one of Barcelona's regular starters, there is no question that Alves deserves to be given the chance to continue for at least one more season at the Camp Nou. 

Having said that, the 1+1+1 formula which the current board of directors has reportedly offered the Brazilian right-back seems fair, especially if linked to reaching a minimum number of appearances to earn a further 12 months with the Catalans.

If Dani Alves is truly serious about wanting to remain at Barcelona, then he should understand that the club's offer seems reasonable, especially if linked to year-on-year performance.

Unfortunately, an agreement is not likely to be reached any time soon. Expect the soap opera continue for weeks and even months to come...

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