Barcelona can't waste chance to return to former glory

When examining the 2014-2015 version of FC Barcelona about 5 months back your inner conscious was more than likely telling you to turn away from the television rather than to turn it on. That’s because after a rather torrent run of great form, this team fell of quite a bit around the new year.

Despite the twists and turns this team has had to endure, the unparalleled amount of chemistry these players have engineered stands on its own among other impressive feats that you cant find on the score sheet. Barcelona will find itself at the Olympiastadion in Berlin Germany on the 7th of June in what is setting up to be a clash of two super powers, against Juventus. However, before we indulge ourselves with game previews and basic predictions we should take a look at the path this Catalan side has taken to reach their 7th champions league final.

After a stellar 2010-2011 campaign winning the champions league and La Liga under the helm of Pep Guardiola, the blaugrana looked to ride the momentum this coaching staff had mustered up heading into the next season. Unfortunately, during that next season, the Catalan side fell short in the two biggest tournaments and on the biggest stage. 

A semi-final champions league match against Chelsea in which Barcelona lost a heartbreaker that I myself and I reckon most fans will never forget. Promptly, the Pep Guardiola days were shelved and the coach went on a one year hiatus. Then came along a transcendental hire in Tito Vilanova, a once young disciple of the game that had been waiting in the shadows to get the chance to lead the charge of this Barcelona team. He was beloved by the whole Barcelona organization for the dedication to his craft and the trials and tribulations it took for him to get to this point. 

Tito Vilanova led his team to the La Liga trophy and Barcelona would only go on to lose a remarkable 8 competitive matches in all competitions. Unfortunately, due to health complications, a parotid gland cancer, Vilanova would resign as head coach on July 19, 2013. As time went on and his health worsened, Tito Vilanova would pass away at the age of 45 leaving behind a wife and two beautiful kids. It was at this moment that the whole Barcelona community stopped and realized that this was more than a game; the sport had just lost a humble man who was a student and lover of the blaugrana.

In what seemed to be one of the lowest points in Barcelona’s history failing to reach a champions league final in 3 years, Barcelona executives brought in Gerardo “Tata” Martino looking for a spark. To their demise none of those far-fetched dreams would come into fruition as Martino would struggle mightily and his Catalan side would only go on to win the Super Copa de España. The Champions League final drought stretched onto 4 seasons.

These past 4 seasons for the Blaugrana have been undoubtedly the craziest in a while. Although, these respective teams aforementioned have won their fair share of titles there has not been a lack of drama to say the least. It has been an emotional rollercoaster for this club, such instances as the arrival of Neymar and the supposed transfer scandal that surrounded the board, which led to the transfer ban.

Further, Sandro Rosell resigning leaving room for Josep Maria Bartomeu to be president. Also, the sacking of Andoni Zubizarreta partly due to his inability to strengthen Barcelona’s defense during his time at the helm. Not to mention the fact, there was a time during this season a large contingency of Barcelona people did not trust Luis Enrique, one man in particular was Lionel Messi. Furthermore, Barcelona’s prestige B team is on the brink of relegating to the 3rd division.

Amazingly, throughout all this turmoil, the coaching staff was able to hone in the whole team and register one of the best years in Barcelona’s history. 

At last, FC Barcelona is one win away from being European champions once again.

Published by Alexander Del Valle. Follow him on Twitter @AlexanderDelV