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Champions League Final, Paul Pogba, Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta | Barca Top 5

Champions League final 2015: Five reasons Barcelona will win | Telegraph

Barcelona go into Saturday‘s Champions League final in Berlin tipped to land themselves a treble, with the on-fire Catalans widely expected to continue their charge by demolishing yet another opponent as they win another trophy. There are plenty of reasons to believe Barcelona will indeed triumph, and here are five that stand out.

Messi, Iniesta and Xavi driven to join the Champions League elite | ESPN

If Barça overcome a clever, dangerous Juventus side on Saturday night, and if it is Xavi Hernandez lifting that big lump of silver to the Berlin sky, then it will be a story of such emotion and such poetry that it would make a granite gargoyle shed a tear.

Paul Pogba faces his biggest test when Juventus meet Barca in the UCL final | ESPN

Paul Pogba knows he is more than a footballer. He is a commodity, a plus sign on a balance sheet -- and a hefty one at that. It is nothing new. He is 22 years old, and from the time he turned 14, he changed clubs three times. Each time, there was acrimony, controversy and bile. Not directed at him so much, but more fueled by the notion that a prize asset was slipping through a club's fingers for far less than it was worth.

Juventus plan to keep it real against Barcelona in Champions League final | Guardian

Even before we get to that point when the ribbons are attached to the trophy and the Brandenburg Gate is lit up in the relevant colours, the occasion should not pass without recognising what potentially is going to be lost. Xavi Hernández is on his way from Barcelona to Qatar and Andrea Pirlo may also be heading for the Middle East now this is confirmed as his valedictory performance at Juventus. Gianluigi Buffon still appears to be going strong, at the age of 37, but the Champions League is losing two members of football royalty.

24 hours | Lucasammr

In 24 hours, something every single culer has been waiting for 4 years will happen. Our beloved club will play its 8th European Cup final. After a season where we saw 3 very different tactical approaches, where the coach was almost fired in January and where we saw our most recognizable strength (the midfield) be diminished so the best attacking trio of all times could shine, we are here.

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