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Champions League Final, Pep Guardiola, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez | Barca Top 5

Barcelona vs. Juventus: Tale of the tape for Champions League final | ESPN

How do you improve on attacking perfection? The answer appears to be signing Luis Suarez and pushing Lionel Messi -- figuratively at least -- to the right. Suarez has had to sacrifice the goal plundering of his Liverpool career to run the channels and take on heat, but heading to Barcelona has made him look like the best centre-forward in the world, one who works hard to press back for possession from opposing defenders.

Blitzen awards, the “I’m in Barcelona, suckas!” edition | Barcelona Football Blog

Miss Congeniality Award: I wasn’t in favour of signing Luis Suarez, and I still have strong reservations about him, but he has shown a perfect attitude all season, and that has earned him my respect. He has obviously worked hard on controlling himself on the pitch and gets along well with the other players in the dressing room, and I am happy to say that I have no complaints in that regard. Well done, Luis!

How Luis Enrique's Barcelona Treble Hopefuls Compare to Pep Guardiola's Strongest Sides | WhoScored

During the 2014/15 La Liga season Luis Enrique’s team had 69.7% possession of the ball, and an 88.2% pass completion ratio. Back in 2010/11, Guardiola’s team had 67.5% possession, with an 89.6% pass completion ratio. So the current team actually have a slightly higher possession percentage per game, and only a marginally lower pass completion ratio. In terms of the amount of time Barca have the ball, and how well they keep it, there is no real difference between the teams.

Sergio Busquets vs Claudio Marchisio: Sergio Busquets is viewed as a bit of a hard man in the Barca midfield, but this tends to do his ability as a ball player a disservice. Xavi departs Barca for Qatar at the end of the season, but he has already placed his faith in Busquets to be a natural successor. Is noted for keeping the ball, and provides cover for the defence while prompting some of Barcelona's attacking moves.

Statistical breakdown of Champions League final | ESPN

Barcelona gets goals in all kinds of ways. One way it stood out above the rest was using through balls, particularly from Messi. Barcelona scored 11 goals on through balls in league play this season, most in La Liga and tied for the most in Europe's top five leagues.

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