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Michael Laudrup is not wanted at Barcelona

Michael Laudrup has been linked to a return to Barcelona, which is hugely surprising considering the controversial way in which he decided to leave the Camp Nou to join historical rivals Real Madrid back in 1994.

Jordi Majo, who is one of the candidates to take over Josep Maria Bartomeu as Barca's president, explained: "Laudrup will become the club's sporting director if I get elected. With him, I've thought about the person, not the name. If I thought about the name, I would have asked someone more media-liked. Laudrup is intelligent, he has experience, the right age and he knows the Barça culture. He also has a good relationship with Johan Cruyff, which is important."

A huge mistake, if you ask me.

Laudrup left Barcelona at the peak of their forces back in the mid-1990s, following a season of ongoing disagreements with Cruyff due to his lack of playing time compared to Romario, Hristo Stoichkov and Ronald Koeman -- the only three foreigners which the rules allowed to play at the time.

While it is understandable that a player who wasn't granted regular appearances opted to move elsewhere, he certainly didn't have to choose Real Madrid as his next destination. After five years living in Catalunya, Culers were right to expect a bit more respect from their former player.

Although Laudrup denied looking for revenge with the move to the Spanish capital, it is little short of impossible to avoid thinking that joining Madrid was a way of getting back at Cruyff and, by extension, the Blaugrana faithful.

If Jordi Majo was already going to find it pretty much impossible to compete with Joan Laporta and Bartomeu to become president at Barcelona, his shocking decision to trust his hypothetical sporting project to a man who famously disrespected Culers by joining their historical rivals reduces his chances of success to zero.

It's your turn

What do you think? Would you welcome Laudrup back to Barcelona? Can his decision to join Real Madrid ever be forgiven? I'd love to hear your views. Share your thoughts with our fellow Blaugranas in the comment box below.


  1. Michael20.6.15

    To me, any player who moved from Barca to Real Madrid, like Laudrup and Figo did, failed to understand the nature and depth of the rivalry.
    I would be very uncomfortable with Laudrup holding any official position with Barca.

    On the other hand, his track record as a manager is excellent and it is hard to argue with his player evaluations. Absent his move to Real Madrid, he would be an excellent choice.

    I like a lot of what Miro has said during the campaign, but I think he is a watered-down version of LaPorta, and believe LaPorta will win the election easily. Barca must be purged of anyone connected to the Rosell regime.

    One of the things I like the most about Miro's ideas is that he wants to open up membership in the club to supporters outside of Catalonia. I have been a Barca
    fan for 41 years and would love to be a member, even if it would be on a basis where I received no priority for match tickets and/or where I could not vote. I can understand the concern that opening up the membership to foreigners could lead to control of the club being lost by Catalans, but I think there are ways to prevent that.

  2. Magnus20.6.15

    Laudrup leaved because he wasnt respected in Barca. I am myself a big Barca fan, but you guys need to understand what he has been going trough. He was the star in when he played. But the turning point was, when he wasnt picked for the Champions League Finale. It was in anger he made the move....

  3. @Michael: Thanks for your comprehensive comment, it's appreciated.

    Laudrup has been successful as a manager, especially at Swansea. Having said that, his last season was little short of appalling, complete losing the faith from his fanbase -- my wife lived next to The Liberty, so know about this first hand.

    As for foreign members: The more the merrier!

  4. Oriol20.6.15

    Laudrup judas y punto. No laudrup

  5. Michael M20.6.15

    It was probably the coach gave opportunity to Stoichkov, Romario and Koeman as three foreign players who were supposed to start in a match by that time.

  6. DRAGO21.6.15

    I would not have a problem with Laudrup returning to Barcelona as the circumstances of his departure were a lot different to Figo's blatant betrayal for money. Having said that, I think the argument is purely academic. I think the upcoming election is effectively a head to head battle between Bartemeu and Laporta. That means there wont be any controversial return of Laudrup to Camp Nou nor any ridiculous signing of Sergio Ramos.

  7. Not sure I agree, Drago. Really wouldn't like to see Laudrup back at the Camp Nou representing Barca. Sure, his departure was not as hurtful as Figo's but still a traitor in my eyes.

    And yes, the election can only be won by Laporta (reputation, Unicef, Cruyff, first treble) or Bartomeu (because of the treble win under Luis Enrique)

  8. DRAGO21.6.15

    I have no problem with us disagreeing in regards to Laudrup. We are all entitled to our opinion and anyway it won't actually be an issue. At an appropriate time I will comment as to who I prefer wins the election and also why.


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