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Paul Pogba, Ilkay Gundogan, Barcelona Election, Champions League Winners | Barca Top 5

Paul Pogba advised to join Barcelona | Sport

"Paul Pogba has enough quality to play for any team in Europe and it's normal that everyone would want him. He's still a young lad, only 22 and he has exceptional qualities. I think he could play with us [Barça]. If he had to choose, I think that Barça would be the club and the team with the project that interests him the most. I would advise him to come to Barcelona. He is an important player that I and the president [Josep Maria] Bartomeu like. Raiola, his agent, is an intelligent person and he knows how to work well."

Barcelona not responsible for Deportivo La Coruna survival in La Liga | Francesc Tomas | Weloba

Regrettably, Barcelona are being investigated by the Spanish LFP (the organisation which runs La Liga) because they only achieved a 2-2 draw against Deportivo La Coruna in the last game of the 2014/15 league. The final result, which helped Los Gallegos retain their place in the top tier of Spanish football, came after the visitors managed to come back from 2-0 down at the Camp Nou. Judging by the Catalans' impressive form since the beginning of the 2015 calendar year, the result was definitely a rare occurrence.

Barcelona's four Champions League wins, compared and contrasted | ESPN

One of the many beauties about the current Barca has been the continual evolution. Broadly speaking, the 2006 European Cup winners are similar to the 2015 winners, yet no one who started the former final also started the latter. A clear philosophy is easily identifiable, but individuals have come and gone, and each of the four victorious sides had their own identity.

Barcelona target Ilkay Gundogan announces that he will decide his future soon | Sport

Ilkay Gundogan: "The 2014/2015 season ends on the 30th June 2015. Although normally deals aren't sorted out already, the constant rumours about my situation are forcing me to decide my future as soon as possible. But don't forget that I still have one year of contract left at Borussia Dortmund. I will decide after the season has finished and after our important European Championship qualifier for Germany"

Barcelona isn’t fashion. It’s tradition | Barcelona Football Blog

It ain’t the morality. It doesn’t matter who it is on the shirt front, though it might for some and is certainly lurking in an anteroom of the house of contention. It’s the simple reality of it. Someone scoffed at me that the shirt selling was essential, that the club couldn’t compete in the modern, big-money market without it. Of course. That 30m for a club with a half-billion Euros in annual revenues is life blood. Of course. I would have sold players before I sold the shirt.

Treble-winning Barcelona enter critical spell as presidential election nears | ESPN

Depending on the outcome, Barca could opt for a significant change in direction going forward, the last election in 2010 serving as evidence. Though the ongoing presence of Pep Guardiola ensured continuity on a sporting level, that vote led to a notable philosophical shift, with the Blaugrana moving from carrying UNICEF on the front of its shirt to a lucrative sponsorship deal with the Qatar Foundation.

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