Paul Pogba needed at Barcelona to boost weakened midfield


Barcelona have already shifted their focus toward finding ways to improve a squad already boasting quality players such as Lionel Messi, Neymar and Ivan Rakitic. Despite the Blaugranas' being banned from signing any players until January 2016, due to their breaching the rules on the transfer of U18 players, they are continuing as planned and treating the current period as an ordinary transfer window -- the only difference being newcomers won't be registered until the ban expires.

Paul Pogba is the chosen one -- and rightly so. Unsurprisingly, the Catalans' presidential candidates are competing against one another for a photograph of them shaking the hand of the 22-year-old while wearing the Blaugrana colours. For a team already boasting some of the most talented midfielders in football history, only the addition of a slightly different kind of player makes sense, especially given Luis Enrique's eagerness to make Barcelona's game more incisive, physical and direct.

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It's your turn

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