Six reasons why Lionel Messi is the world's best


Lionel Messi celebrated another milestone -- his 28th birthday -- on Wednesday. To mark the occasions, here are the six things that make the Barcelona and Argentina star the best player on the planet, by a long distance.

Messi is pretty much infallible in front of goal and even on the rare occasion when he is off his game, he isn't afraid to continue attempting shots until he finally gets his reward -- as proved by the 261 shots he needed to score his 56 goals last season.

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It's your turn

What do you think? Is the Messi-Ronaldo comparison still worth considering given Leo's impressive year? Were Diego Maradona and Pele truly better than Messi? I'd love to hear your views. Share your thoughts with our fellow Blaugranas in the comment box below.


  1. Abdallah25.6.15

    may god bless you with huge success for many more years at Barcelona. Amen

  2. Suleiman25.6.15

    For me:

    1. obedience
    2. unselfish
    3. respect elders
    4. playing well

  3. Rowan25.6.15

    If you asked me a few years ago who would I have in my team Messi or Ronaldo I would have chosen Ronaldo, right now though its Messi hands down. But I still don't believe Messi has achieved what Ronaldo has or proven what Ronaldo has for that matter. Forget about the trophies he has won with Barcelona or awards he has receive don an individual basis because many players have won everything with Barcelona. But what has he won elsewhere, He hasn't proven anything with Argentina, a superior side in World Football, he hasn't played anywhere else, another team or league for that matter. That is the only doubt I have of Messi, can he produce playing for another team other than Barcelona who is literally built around him and full of class players.
    You look at Greats even recent ones, they played for different clubs, different league and not BIG clubs and proven who they are. This is probably why Messi will never be GOAT. But if FIFA has anything to do with it he may well get that title.

    1. Anonymous26.6.15

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    2. Your common sense makes no sense. GOAT is Pele universally. He never played outside Brazil... GOAT Maradona... He barely played for Barcelona no success there but Italy is were he played the most. So called Prince of football Johan Cruiijff achieved greatness for Ajaks in Holland. Messi has dominated the greatest league ever put together which is Champions league. has won 4 trophies and counting. You have to be one ignorant human being not to see that or simply an idiot. Take a pick. One more thing.... everyone with their Premier League arguments.... greatest players of all time, lets say 10 greatest players of all time never played in England.

    3. Eternal26.6.15

      Has Ronaldo won anything with his national team?
      And once he left, was Man U relegated the next season?

      I am shocked that everyone says the samething - Argentina has this GREAT team that they shud have always win.. Yea u can put the greatest gol scorers (Messi, Tevez, and Aguero) but u know u need 11 members to make a team.

    4. Pitchayada26.6.15

      1. Barcelona is not built around Messi and is not built for Messi. But for the last ten years, Barcelona is built from Messi.
      2. Every major teams in major leagues, which one, doesn't have full of class players, none of them.
      3. He hasn't play anywhere else like you said, but he has been conquered every ptich in everywhere for the certain time. Other new teammates or coaches come in and out. There is new environment every year and he must adapt every year as well.
      How to live in the same place and success is not easier than to move and live in the new place.

  4. still 28 years. what will be said when he retires

    1. The sky is the limit for Messi, given his quality and current mind-frame. Looking forward to seeing him excel for years to come!

  5. Hilton26.6.15

    Portugal is a ten-million-inhabitant country. They just can't gather up 11 top players. Their legendary guy was born in Moçambique.

    Besides, Ronaldo has proven himself in a highly competitive league. =] Come on, Spanish League is a joke! That's pretty much of an edge CR7 holds over Messi. EPL's defenses are way tougher and smarter.

    Messi had this great opportunity to join Chelsea, early this year. That would've been awesome for him as well, for he could get rid of that freaky takes-forever-to-shoot-on-goal-exchanges-392-passes Catalan play and adapt himself to a new style.

    Pele didn't leave Brazil till the late 70's, for a short stint at NY Cosmos, but he was clutch with his Nat'l Team.

    Diego played in three nat'l leagues, clutch with his Nat'l Team, and helped Napoli clinch an European title. Excels in both.

    Pelé fails in one, excels in another.

    Messi fails in both!

    Moreover, Brazilian League is arguably the hardest is the world. That might make its Championship about 8 times as competitive as Spanish one.

    If you can't tell there's a distance involved... nothing's gonna make u c that.

    1. Changwook26.6.15

      Even if the Spanish League is a joke, Messi still does better than Ronaldo in the Spanish League (during the years they were both there), and in the Champions League. Besides tons and tons of all-time greats never played in the EPL.

      EPL's defenses are tougher yes, but you can't say they are smarter. They leave a lot more space than Spanish sides. Besides Messi has played very well against the top English sides in the CL as well (Chelsea excluded).

      I do agree though that Messi's leadership is not what some make it out to be. He leads through his playing style, not through his personality which is tbh more important in a leader. Masch would be a better captain for Argentina.

      You can't use club loyalty to criticize a player :/ that's like saying Xavi and Iniesta are actually not that great midfielders because they stayed in one club and had a system built around them their whole careers...

  6. Thiam26.6.15

    Ironically, the so-called great Argentina team never ever reached the world cup final after 1990, until Messi led team in 2014. The last season, Xavi played minimal, and Messi has not even faded. His total goal and assist is a mind boggling 89 in a season. How many team in Europe scored that much? He himself defined what Barca is today, not Barca defining who he is.

  7. Manash26.6.15

    there is a word called loyalty which people like you will never understand...according to you iniesta, xavi, totti are not great because they didnt play for other teams...and argentina is not a great team..they have the best strikers...almost none creative defense except mascherano....quality is very less in premier league...hazard wins player of the year in premier league..if he comes to spain..he will be definetly behind ronaldo neymar and messi even suarez....showing physicality with no technical stuff doesnt make a league better...yes premier league is competitive but not quality wise...


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