FC Barcelona 2016/17 jersey confirmed: And it's not horrible!

Barcelona fans were little short of horrified when they realised the board had agreed to ignore club traditions and forced Lionel Messi and his teammates to wear this controversial jersey instead next season.

Although the Barcelona 2015/16 jersey would be decent for most other clubs, its bizarre horizontal stripes simply do not respect the Barcelona's heritage and, as result, should have never been more than a silly concept in the head of one of many Nike designers who constantly compete against each other to come up with the next outrageous idea.

With the vast majority of the Culer fanbase having already expressed their deep disappointment and even threatened to boycott sales, it is at least reassuring to see that our beloved Blaugrana first strip will make a glorious return to normal in the following season -- at last, a decision by Josep Maria Bartomeu that most supporters can agree with!


The Barcelona 2016/17 jersey will play homage to Johan Cruyff's Dream Team. Similarly to the classic Meyba strip, it will feature a pointy, neat collar and (surprise, surprise!) the classic vertical stripes one again.

A new Barcelona jersey that is not actually a horrifying joke on our 115 years of history -- Must be a miracle, right?

What to you think about the Barcelona 2016/17 kit?

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