Luis Suarez will continue to excel alongside Lionel Messi at Barcelona

Luis Suarez changed the dynamics of Luis Enrique's Barcelona. After landing at the Camp Nou for a record €81 million, many doubted the Uruguay international could ever justify his unprecedentedly high price-tag.

However, it took less than a whole season for Cules to realise that Barca had only signed a great forward, but arguably the best striker in over 115 years of history. 

With 25 goals in his first 43 appearance for the Catalans, we can safely say that Suarez was the spark that ignited Luis Enrique's attacking line. Sure, Lionel Messi and Neymar were already part of the team before his arrival, but having the Liverpool's Golden Boot winner as a central attacking reference enabled his Argentina teammate the freedom to move into less congested areas on the pitch, often starting his runs from the right wing.

Luis Suarez showed his determined yet humble attitude when sitting down with ESPN to discuss the season ahead:

"One always tries to accept praise and the things fans say, but I don't consider myself the most humble nor one of the best. I just try and do my work the best I can. I'm in the best team in the world and doing things I never imagined doing, but that job I leave to the rest so they can give their opinion."

"You're in Barcelona and you have Leo and Neymar by your side so you have to be one of the best," he said. "I have the privilege to play with those quality players, just as much them as the whole team, including Andres Iniesta, which was a dream for me to play by his side, with players that I enjoy playing alongside."

"Being on the best team in the world fills you with pride, leaves you calm, shows you how hard it is to get here. And that's why you have to enjoy the moment once you're here."

"I have been through many difficult and complicated moments, but I also have to say that I have a great mental capacity to overcome these adversities, and I believe that's a great quality to be able to go through everything I've been through and try to overcome that and still have people remember you by your goals, and that brings me a lot of happiness."

"And now everything is different than last year but with more motivation because we are in Barcelona and we have to go out and try and win everything. But we also know that this year we have another opportunity to keep making history, whether it's by repeating the 'sextuple' or by retaining the Champions League. They're objectives that we want to try and complete as the season goes on."

Luis Suarez was instrumental in the 2014/15 season and, if Barcelona managed to conquer the Champions League, Liga and Copa del Rey treble in his first year at the Camp Nou, the No.9's influence was crucial.

Considering his impeccable attitude both on and off the pitch, his undeniable status as one of the world's best forwards and the way in which he has adapted to his Barcelona teammates, there is reason to believe Luis Suarez will continue excelling alongside Lionel Messi at Barcelona for years to come.

Looking forward to more and even better, Luis!

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