Barcelona FC hasn’t signed sponsorship with any gaming company so far

Unlike many other football clubs in the Premier League, Barcelona FC has yet to sign a sponsorship deal with a gaming company, like Euro Palace Online Casino.

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This is an excellent solution, especially when you realize that just a couple of months ago, Manel Arroyo, the vice-president of the popular football club Barcelona, was denying a delay in finalizing a kit sponsorship deal for the upcoming football season.

For the longest time, this prestigious football club was known for not having a sponsor. This all changed in 2006 when they partnered with worldwide non-profit organization UNICEF. Then, in the 2011/2012 season, their jerseys first wore the Qatar Foundation's brand and then later on Qatar Airways.

Their deal with these entities ended last month. But, it was as far back in September 2015, they said that they were about to strike a sponsorship deal. So, when in the beginning of the year, no seeming progress was made, many began to speculate that the club was being less than honest. How could they hold their position as one of the great football clubs if they weren't able to pay for stars like Lionel Messi?

In an attempt to win back the public, Arroyo said that there indeed would be a sponsor for next season; but there was a chance that the first shirts of the season wouldn't have a sponsor on the front. He also stated that, in order for them to the handle the job properly, discretion was key.

Fast forward to the present, and it's been recently announced that the club will enter into a 10-year agreement with Nike that is expected to provide the football club. with approximately 150 to 155 million pounds every year compared. This is a HUGE improvement compared to how much they are getting now i.e. 60 million pounds.

This deal goes into effect in 2018 and it will be the biggest t-shirt sponsorship deal in football history, far surpassing Manchester United's 75 million pounds a year agreement with athletic company Adidas.

Barcelona's commercial success is due to a lot of factors, not the least being how much success they have on the pitch. Although they left the Champions League disappointed, Barcelona also won both the Copa Del Rey and La Liga tournaments, two of the biggest domestic competitions in Spain.

As far as Mr. Arroyo oil is concerned, Barca is the best football team in the world. So, it's only natural that they find the best deals. To this end, Barcelona also has aims to become the top club for t-shirt advertising in the world. At the moment, this honor is held by Manchester United because of their 47 million pounds a year deal with Chevrolet, a popular US car maker. 

But, Barcelona has far bigger dreams and, in fact, they want to become the first football club with a yearly revenue of 1 billion pounds.