Barcelona right to declare war on La Liga, Spanish Competition Committee

Barcelona are at war with La Liga and the Spanish Competition Committee after Javier Tebas, the league director who should in theory defend all the clubs equally, went on record to say: "Barcelona’s players went down like a game of skittles and without motive after the Valencia crowd threw a water bottle at them. There are millions of kids watching; I would be ashamed to pretend as much as they did."

As if such shameful words weren't bad enough, the Spanish Competition Committee published an official note the next day which included the quotes “not setting an example”, “Barcelona players made fools of themselves”, “reproachable conduct ” and “hardly an example of good sportsmanship”

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu, clearly unhappy about the way Lionel Messi, Neymar and the rest of his players were being treated, released a statement that read: "The declarations made by Tebas are irresponsible and unbecoming of a sports executive. The Competition Committee is not there to make assessments, but rather to take disciplinary action, or not, in order to make an example of incidents that occur on the field of play. Making statements regarding the actions of the players adds even more tension to a situation that must be deescalated. The club will bring these declarations before CAS because we want it to see to it that if they produce violence they are punished accordingly."

It was really about time for Barcelona officials to take action about the outrageous lack of protection they receive from La Liga and the Competition Committee. Barca fans certainly don't want their club to be favoured by the institutions that rule Spanish football but, at the very least, the club should feel protected whenever their players are attacked by the rival crowd after celebrating a goal -- or any serious incidents of the sort, for that matter.

Can anyone in their right mind see the CEO of the English Premier League behaving in such an irresponsible, regrettable way against their current champions? No? Exactly my point.

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