Neymar, Lionel Messi at risk after Javier Tebas irresponsible rant

Javier Tebas, current president of the Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP), decided to criticise the conduct of Barcelona players in the game against Valencia on Saturday.

Barca won the game with last-minute Lionel Messi strike from the penalty spot, a fact that caused a number of Valencia supporters to lose their temper beyond what's acceptable -- throwing several lighters and even a water bottle at Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar while they were celebrating.

Tebas, rather than point fingers at the Valencia supporters, surprised everyone when he told the media: "You have to go in order and the first and most serious thing is the bottle incident. That's the most serious thing which occurred, but some of the conduct from some of the players is not what I like to see."

"Barcelona’s players went down like a game of skittles and without motive. There are millions of kids watching; I would be ashamed to pretend as much as they did. What happened at the end I did not like."

It is no secret that Barcelona don't really get much protection from the official institutions that rule Spanish football and, to be honest, Barca supporters are already used to their careless attitude towards their club.

However, Tebas' words are beyond unacceptable. Blaming players for opposing fans' behaviour is both shameful and dangerous. Why would aggressive individuals think twice about behaving in such a deplorable manner next time if those in charge of La Liga don't seem to be taking a hard line on offenders?

Time to acknowledge your clumsy mistake and apologise for your words, Mr Tebas.

What do you think about Tebas' comments? Do you think Barcelona get enough protection from the La Liga authorities? Tell me about your thoughts in the comments below.