Pep Guardiola right to criticise Spanish media for accusing him of tapping up Barcelona players

Pep Guardiola was less than impressed when the Spanish media accused him of trying to lure Barcelona players away from the Camp Nou. The Manchester City manager did not hide away from the question and, in fact, decided to put the rumours to bed once and for all.

“I have not called any Barcelona players,” Guardiola explained.  “I know that some wars are lost before they’ve started. I know this place and I know how things move. I called Thiago because my brother was his representative."

"Three years ago ,when at Barça, I called Neymar to recommend he signed. I heard things got complicated and Real Madrid were involved and I tried to sign him for Bayern when I was in New York, then his dad called me and said Barça was still an option, so I said go to Barça."

“This summer I didn’t call anyone. Not Messi, Busquets, Iniesta, Neymar, nobody. I called ter Stegen because he wasn’t happy not playing, but he decided to stay and later we spoke with Bravo."

"I didn’t call Messi. What I want is for him to ends his career here. He will decide when to leave Barça. It’s not true I called any Barça players this summer. The people that have published these reports have a good relationship with president Bartomeu, maybe you can ask him.”

It really does seem that, although Guardiola has been away from the Camp Nou for a good number of years, he still knows how to handle the ever-inquisitive Spanish media. Having progressed from ball-boy to first team player, then captain to manager, I would not be expecting any less.

Kudos to Guardiola for defending his ideas despite the ongoing, unfounded attacks from the Spanish media!

Your opinions are valued. What do you think about Guardiola's comments? Do you believe Pep when he says he did not try to sign any Barcelona players last summer? Tell me about your thoughts in the comments below.