Ronaldo criticism of Barcelona proves deep love for Real Madrid money

Ronaldo (the Brazil striker, not Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo) only spent one season at Barcelona. During his time at Barca, his blistering runs, freshness and, above all, the 47 goals scored in just 49 appearances made him a fan favourite at the Camp Nou.

Ronaldo decided to leave Barcelona because of a huge offer to join Inter Milan only one summer after Barca signed him from PSV Eindhoven. President Josep Lluis Núñez refused to raise his wage to match Inter's offer and, as a result, the Brazilian star packed his bags and moved to Italy without giving it a second thought.

Despite Ronaldo clearly prioritising money to his sporting future, the truth is that Barcelona fans still remember him quite fondly -- even though he moved from Inter to the Calatans' arch rivals Real Madrid, only to join the Italians' rivals Milan a few years later.

Ronaldo's year at Barcelona will forever be linked to his extraordinary goal against Compostela. The way in which the Brazil star zoomed past rivals while dribbling with mesmerising skills is now part of Barca history.

Unfortunately, Ronaldo has gone on record to explain: 'I would have loved to score that goal wearing a Real Madrid jersey'. No, really.

Given Ronaldo's continuous search for money during his career, it is not surprising to hear the club that paid him the most is in fact closest to his heart. Having said that, it is slightly surprising that it took him a whole 20 years to show his true colours.

Good to know where your alliance truly lies, Ronaldo.

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