Barcelona Foundation and Unicef: An exemplary collaboration

In the context of education through sport, social inclusion must be increasingly valued in various sports, like soccer. Should prevail three maximum: teach the sport to everyone and teach the sport to everyone and teach more than sport at all. It is important to have the promotion of public policies that can ever more secure the right to sport for all, especially children and adolescents, as a constitutional guarantee provided for in Art. 5 of the Federal Constitution Federative Republic of Brazil 1988.

All persons are equal before the law. There should be equal opportunities especially to activities related to education and sport. In this context, the role of teacher / coach is essential to carry out sports activities that can develop knowledge, skills and positive attitudes of boys and girls. According to Art. 4 of the Statute of Children and Adolescents (ECA), it is the duty of the state, the family, community, society in general and the government to ensure, with absolute priority, the realization of the rights to life, health, education, sport, leisure, culture, dignity, respect, freedom and family and community life.

At this time, the main impressions, reflections and perspectives on education by sport in Brazil are excellent, especially when considering the valuable lessons University of Soccer, which will always remain in my day to day academic, professional and as a Brazilian citizen. Mostly, realizing that solidarity, love, respect and social inclusion should be ubiquitous in the games and children games and young people, to strengthen the idea of ​​sport as law and established practice of the principles of inclusive education, emphasizing the educational aspects of teaching sports, be they network and field, invasion, fighting and combat, athletics and rhythmic activities, as well present in many schools and Brazilian and international institutions.

Therefore, from the perspective of sport and education in global parameter, the practice sports should be safe and inclusive for children and young people, especially students disabled. A few years ago the Fundació F.C. Barcelona / Spain is receiving highlighting the various activities of inclusion and social responsibility. However, are developed numerous recreational activities for children and young people, especially soccer, basketball and art education through drawings and reading textbooks, in addition to the motivation through the presence of his biggest idols in the sport, such as the Latin American players Neymar Junior (Brazil) and Lionel Messi (Argentina), whose personal and professional trajectories are also inspiring.

The Fundació F.C. Barcelona is great example and should be inspiration to others national and foreign institutions in relation to the theory associated with the practice of collateral inalienable sports education by presenting different approaches and technologic innovative to provide students with a more complete experience of sports focusing not only on results, but in interpersonal relationships, to be training solidarity and conscious citizens in the current global environment.

In the national and international context the importance of education through sport is to consolidate the full human development also through culture, which must be present in lives of thousands of children and youth. Through the game, the game and the sport should be a relevant participation, through socialization and inclusion in society, which allow the physical, motor, cognitive, psychological, emotional, spiritual and social development of children, youth and adult participants of the various practices sports, cultural and leisure that comes to interfere positively in the way they perceive life and the modern world.

All this learning about the sport for education comes to ennoble my fields of multidisciplinary activities (Business, Law and Journalism). Currently, I was approved in Doctor of Law and Social Sciences Program at the National University of Cordoba (UNC / 400 Años de Tradición) and future all the knowledge acquired at the University of Soccer will serve as the maximum reference for the elaboration of my Thesis "Fundació F.C. Barcelona and UNICEF: Human Dignity, Infancia y Juventud ", which is investigating so scientific sports activities and inclusive education present in countries like Brazil, Argentina, China, Ghana and South Africa, from the perspective of human rights and Social Sciences.

In the reality of Latin America and Brazil, where there are increasingly high rates of child labor, many situations involving consumption and drug trafficking, the most various forms of violence and juvenile sexual exploitation, especially in all Regions of Brazil. The basic premise to ensure access to sports as a right and change the lives of thousands of boys and girls, will always be a level playing field in access to education and sports. According to Art. 32 of the Law of Guidelines and Bases of National Education (Law No. 9.394 / 96), you must ensure the basic training of citizens through education key required by developing the ability to learn and understand the natural and social environment, the political system, technology, art and the acquisition of knowledge and skills in shaping attitudes and human values.

Finally, I come to reflect on the meaning of a great example of Fundació F.C. Barcelona through the excellence in all activities the University of Soccer, with determination, study and research on sport and education. At this time I dedicate my sincere thanks to all creators, teachers and students of the University of Soccer, Fundació Barcelona F.C., UNICEF, United Wolfsburg and Western Union Foundation, to strengthen the ideals of sport and education in a human way, caring, committed and true, for the dignity human and integral protection of boys and girls who can make a difference and provide new opportunities for thousands of children and young people in Brazil and in several countries of the world.

Credits Search: Raphaella Asfora - Brazilian Journalist (Official Member of Rotary International Brazil) with international and multicultural experience in many countries in Europe: Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Author of several articles and unpublished research with national and international prominence in the areas of Human Rights, Public International Law, Children and Youth, Education, the Ministry of Labor (MPT) and UN Peacekeeping (Peacekeeping Missions of the United Nations Organizations / UN).