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Barcelona and Johan Cruyff Foundation: An example of leadership and solidarity

The FC Barcelona Foundation's history of respect and appreciation of human rights refers to a journey back in time to the year 1899. At that time, Fútbol Club Barcelona began its activities through the work and motivation of a group of young foreigners who lived In the city of Barcelona (Spain), which would increase the popularity of football and other British sports in the context of Europe. Over time, F.C Barcelona's football practice was increasingly strengthening its intercultural identity, with a multisport focus, as well as love and loyalty to Barcelona and Catalonia.

However, the genesis of the Barcelona Foundation came to coincide with a time when people were beginning to show interest in sports in the Region of Catalonia. Through this new Spanish social and cultural context, it was possible to create a new model of modern leisure, especially soccer. From the perspective of Hans Gamper, the founder of the club, being his ideology and inspiration, the necessary forces in the first twenty-five years of F.C. Barcelona, so based on the commitment to change the lives of many young people through sport. In turn, Hans Gamper at the helm of F.C. Barcelona went far beyond his role as player, director and president, but played the role of a true leader in the field of social responsibility.

Therefore, the word leadership is increasingly receiving prominence in the football universe. Especially with reference to the best seller "The Monk and the Executive" by James C. Hunter. This book comes to express diverse teachings, mainly the importance of the leadership and the good relationship between the leader and his respective team. Author James C. Hunter is the lead consultant for a 20-year work experience and training company. In the last decades, it is considered an icon in the activities of instructor and lecturer, especially in the areas of functional leadership and the organization of community groups.

In this journey of spiritual growth and improvement of the concept of leadership, one of the greatest teachings is precisely the act of putting pride aside and asking for help when necessary. The unity of the team that helps to solve problems and bring wisdom in all situations. The primacy of listening to what people say, as a sign of attention, as one of the most important skills a leader can choose to develop and to And to strengthen human values such as honesty, good example, altruism, gaining people's confidence to treat them with respect, and encouraging people to act with positive and enthusiastic attitudes .

The contemporary concept of leadership comes from the ability to influence people to socially engaged work in order to achieve goals and goals for the common good. In Brazil and in the world, leading corresponds to the chance to participate with your own ideas to build something that might be worthwhile and to provide a better life for thousands of people. The book "The Monk and the Executive" expresses the ideal model of leadership based on will and love, which brings about the services and sacrifices that can bring about social well-being and justice.

One of the greatest leaders of all time in the context of world football is Johan Cruyff, also known as the greatest player in the history of Dutch football and icon of Spanish football. This renowned citizen of the world and former player has inaugurated the first headquarters of his social project, The Cruyff Court Foundation, with the goal of changing the lives of thousands of children and young people through sport. In Brazil it could not be different, exactly in the district of Ermelino Matarazzo, located in São Paulo / SP, this project consists of the practice of football in needy communities. Today, The Cruyff Court Foundation encourages reflection on human values and citizenship by acting in the management of educational and recreational activities, based on cooperation and respect for full socially responsible participation.

In the course of his incredible personal and professional trajectory, Johan Cruyff discovered through football the best way to transform the lives of children and adolescents living in socially vulnerable areas in various countries. Almost twenty years ago, precisely in 1997, the Cruyff Court Foundation started to exist and to develop social projects, which now operate in more than 180 countries. In the act of benefiting thousands of needy families, leadership exists through two keywords, skill and influence. In this case, skill as an acquired ability that can be learned and developed if used to appropriate actions and to influence people requires that there be trust, as the main characteristic that supports leadership, essentially in the world of football.

Subsequently, here in Brazil, an important Football School was founded in the East Zone of São Paulo. In 2012, Ermelino Matarazzo's Little School received the Cruyff Court of the Year Award from Johan Cruyff in Holland. Taking into consideration that among many aspects the school was a winner and leader because the main goal of this institution has always been to provide the greatest number of activities for all these children of all ages. In the period from 2014 to 2015, Cruyff Court promoted an exchange and took about twenty children and adolescents to participate in a World Cup of several Cruyff Courts from various countries. As well as in the essential exchange of experiences with students of different nationalities, such as Spain, Portugal, England and Israel. In the last ten years, many children and young people have had the opportunity to personally meet Johan Cruyff himself. For them, of course, it was a great experience, as Cruyff embraced the victory of every goal achieved by his Foundation. Nowadays, Johan Cruyff's inspiring presence represents a brilliant legacy, providing a healthy future for his students, with a focus on keeping them away from drugs, violence and criminality, which is present in the most diverse communities in need And in the largest urban centers in the world, which also have a representation of the Cruyff Court Foundation.

In order to do so, the mission of this relevant foundation is leadership, which can inspire credibility and confidence, since, whatever the position of a leader, whether in the corporate world, corporate or foundations and football clubs, There is the authority and ability to get people to practice the goodwill of something that can be positive in the lives of thousands of children and youth. In the context of sports education, a leader can gain his authority through the experience and power of Persuasion as a faculty of striving for an excellent relationship with people and full concentration on sports activities where the key is to perform tasks while building strong and lasting relationships.

Nowadays, like The Cruyff Court Foundation, the FC Barcelona Foundation collaborates in the promotion of positive values ​​among children and young people, such as BarçaKids, FutbolNet, humanitarian initiatives and campaigns such as Make-A-Wish, Partners in a number of countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, where people are more concerned about achieving social well-being and decent living conditions thanks to FC Barcelona's world.

Finally, leadership is not strictly applied to just one organization, foundation or football club. But essentially in personal life in relation to family, friends and people who live together. A true leader must be someone with authority based on love and trust. As an unforgettable and timeless example of leadership, regarding the relevance of the Cruyff Court Foundation, Johan Cruyff's words to this beautiful humanitarian work is that in a way he would probably be immortal. Absolutely, the world's greatest leaders in sport history inherently have this ability to build bonds of solidarity. Johan Cruyff's life trajectory and social works have gone through several generations through his dream of believing in the human capacity to do good and difference in the lives of others through dignified, respectful treatment and also in contributing to the Success of thousands of children and young people of diverse nationalities, ideals and projects for a healthy and happy life through sport.

Credits Search: Raphaella Asfora - Brazilian Journalist (Official Member of Rotary International Brazil) with international and multicultural experience in many countries in Europe: Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Author of several articles and unpublished research with national and international prominence in the areas of Human Rights, Public International Law, Children and Youth, Education, the Ministry of Labor (MPT) and UN Peacekeeping (Peacekeeping Missions of the United Nations Organization / UN). Barcelona Foundation Photo - Credits: Beko hosts 'Chance to Play' day for schoolchildren By KBB Daily.


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