Could Neymar leave Barcelona? Cesar Azpilicueta rumours and expiring contracts [TBP 15]

The Barcelona Podcast duo discuss the possibility of losing Neymar this summer. Francesc and Dan also weigh up what Cesar Azpilicueta would add to Barca's back-line. The pair also analyse when the contracts of current squad members are scheduled to expire. Episode 15 of 'The Barcelona Podcast' is finally here!

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  1. Tarek H20.7.17

    Great work keep it going, Could you discuss the economy of barcelona. Barcelona is valued as the second most valuable fotball team after man u, but there is no real purchasing power when the transfer window opens. Why are barcelona paying so much in player wages, i read that mathiue and vermaelen outearns players as isco in real madrid.

    How is it overr 60% of the income go to wages, i aknowledge that some of the players have really high wages but how can real madrid manage it while they have a better rotation players aswell. it just baffels me. And how come we can't get a descent amount for players, we sold sanchez cheap, we sold villa cheap, we sold fabregas cheap, we sold tello cheap etc etc

    1. Hi Tarek! Thanks for your comment. That is a very interesting question which we will try to address in our next show. Be sure to subscribe at so that you don't miss it!


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