Why Josep Maria Bartomeu must leave FC Barcelona

The Barcelona Podcast's Francesc Tomas joined The CL Podden, the Swedish Champions League podcast hosted by Christian Dahlström, to talk about FC Barcelona’s crisis and why he thinks Josep María Bartomeu must leave the club.

Francesc also gave his opinion on Neymar, Dembélé, Coutinho, Seri and the very puzzling signing of Paulinho from Chinese side Guangzhou Evergrande.

You can listen to the full interview here:

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  1. Please let him leave.For the sake of Barcelona's future

    1. Virus31.8.17

      This Bartomeu guy is the Dumbest guy I ever seen.

    2. Hard to disagree with you! We have spoken about this in more depth in Episode 29 of The Barcelona Podcast, available at TBPod.link/29

    3. If he wasn't the prsident of our club maybe Neymar have stayed at Barcelona plus we may have brought Coutinho at the club, but that fool decided to buy freakin Paulinho who hasn't played european football since 2015. It's unacceptable that real madrid's star Cristiano Ronaldo has a 1B euros buyout clause and our drem trio (MSN) their buyout clauses where at least above 200 million euros, even Gareth Bale has a more expensive buyout clause than Messi and we all know that Bale is shit in front of him. He must leave right now

  2. Barcelona president is just an old fool I have ever seen, pls revote him away from the position, he should be a Barcelona ball boy not president, and God will purnish him for what he did to Barcelona, because I know he is fighting for his own interest not the club interest, I hate him, I feel like killing him for what he has done to my favorite club, I just hope we will win any silver ware this season, may God help us, Up Barcelona!!!


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