Will Dembele sign for Barcelona? El Clasico Supercopa preview and Bartomeu resignation [TBP 23]

The Barcelona Podcast duo consider whether the Barca board should continue to chase Ousmane Dembele despite Borussia Dortmund's refusal to sell the promising youngster. Francesc and Dan analyse Barca's preseason and preview the Supercopa Clasico against Real Madrid. The pair also discuss whether Josep Maria Bartomeu should resign given the recent developments off the pit. Episode 23 of 'The Barcelona Podcast' is finally here!

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  1. Dembele has enough potential to be a world-class forward for the next ten years, but paying over €100M for a player that was worth €15M last summer makes little sense

    1. Drago said: I disagree. If he is that good, we need to sign him or we will spend the next decade regretting it. If we hadn't sold Neymar for a pile of money, it would be a different story. The market has gone crazy and everyone now costs more.

    2. Austin said: Barça don't need Dembele so badly. In fact, Ney's replacement is already with Barcelona. The likes of Munir and some others at Barça B can make a huge difference. Though, a Barça fan I am but I have a big huge respect for Zizou. The way he brought out the best in quite a good number of Real Madrid players, makes him one of the best coaches today.

      Now, this is my point. Since he {Zidane} took over as head coach of Madrid, he wouldn't make any player think/feel he has an right to play 90mins in every given match. In other words, he subs every player including the BBCs{Benzima, Bale and Cristiano}. Thereby giving other players the opportunity to prove themselves. Remember, if a player is given the needed opportunity to play, he plays in such a way that could make the coach see him as better than the other player. And the other player would not like his position to be taken over. As such, every imdividual player feels important and brings out their best. This is exactly what Zidane does, and it's working greately for him.

      Lucho failed last term because he did otherwise. He attached so much importance on MSN, you know what I mean. He felt that certain players were not good enough. And so, he featured some particular set of players. I saw in several occasions where Neymar was just a shadow of himself. Yet he would be allowed to play in the entire duration of the game. The same applies to Suarez. He was supposed to change them in such circumstance.

      The point I'm trying to make in all these, is that there are better Neymars even among the present Barça A and B teams. It's now left for the new manager to fish them out, make them feel impoetant, and bring out the best in them.

    3. Ouskeh said: The transfer window has been totally spoiled. Dambelle 150M is seems to be total madness. Well, for me he doesn't worth it even though we need him. Barcelona as we know are not good at signing. They will sleep till the window closes and will not sign a player. I really hate there transfer policy. We need Neymar's replacement urgently. And, the earlier the better..

  2. Tarek15.8.17

    I have a question for you specificely Francesc, For us barcelona fans not living in catalonia we can't understand how Bartomeu could still be in the club, could you tell us how he is regarded in catalonia and how is he controlling media? I remember when united states had election and it stod between Obama and Mitt Romney , a survey was done in the rest of the world and people voted 98 % for obama and 2 % Mitt Romney, it feels like it is the same thing i catalonia now with bartomeu and his board. The fans outside of catalonia are just outraged but he seems to always survive.


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