Why Barcelona should continue to trust Luis Suarez despite recent slump in form

Luis Suarez has been a hugely influential player for Barcelona since he joined from Liverpool in the summer of 2014. Although his €82 million signing made him one of the world's most expensive player in the history of the game, his impressive 123 goals in 154 appearances truly speak for themselves. If Barca have managed to conquer a remarkable nine titles in the last three seasons, including the 2014/15 Champions League and two La Ligas, it is definitely thanks to El Pistolero's contribution.

Unfortunately, Suarez has been at the receiving end of severe criticism in recent weeks. Doubters are becoming increasingly worried about his lack of fitness, his inability to open up as many spaces as he used to and even his unusually poor finishing in front of goal. Although everyone is aware that Barca's No.9 struggled with injuries in late August, patience is wearing very thin with a considerable number of supporters who pretty much expect him to be at his very best at the end of September.

While all of the factors above are obviously to be taken into consideration, there simply aren't sufficient reasons to panic just yet. Given Ernesto Valverde's decision to deploy Lionel Messi as a False 9, El Pistolero's traditional role as Barcelona's main attacking reference at the centre of the park has changed slightly. Obviously, the Uruguayan international has not yet fully adapted to being positioned further to the left but there is no reason to believe that he won't be feeling much more comfortable there in coming weeks.

As we discussed in depth in Episode 37 of The Barcelona Podcast, Suarez needs time and trust to feel at home in his new role within Barca's attack. Hit Play and enjoy:

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