Messi vs Ronaldo - Who is the greatest?

There has been a long standing rivalry between Ronaldo and Messi, considered two of the best players in the world. Both have their pros and cons and often the rivalry between the two players themselves makes a football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona even more exciting.

Betting-sites have compiled a huge range of stats about the two players including how they behave when they are on the pitch, their scoring ability, fans around the world and lots more. The page gives a fascinating insight into the life and career of the two players and will help you decide for yourself who you think is the better player.

For many people, Messi will always take the top spot when it comes to being the best player, and many of the stats supplied by Betting-sites support this theory. Let’s take a look at why Messi is thought to rock the football world:

1.Discipline on the Pitch

When it comes to discipline, Messi is a lot better behaved. Ronaldo tends to get himself into a lot of fights which result in yellow or sometimes even red cards. Although Messi has faced a fair few yellow cards himself, it is nothing compared to how many Ronaldo has collected over the years, and overall, he has only ever received one red card compared to Ronaldo’s 9. In terms of yellow cards, Ronaldo has received 97 and Messi only 48.

2. Awards Won Over Time

Messi has received many more awards than Ronaldo has, both for himself and the club that he plays for. Messi has received 21 honours for Barcelona compared to the 15 that Ronaldo gained collectively for both of this career’s teams, Manchester United and Real Madrid. Individual honours are a little more evenly matched with Messi claiming 15 and Ronaldo 13.

3. Football Skills

Although Ronaldo has power behind his shots, it is no match compared to the ball skill that is shown my Messi time and time again. His passing skills are legendary and he has the power to get through the defence of some of the best football teams in the world.

4. Team Spirit

Messi is known for having team spirit, which currently Ronaldo is not so much. Messi has been described as one of the most unselfish players in the world, meaning that he will happily pass the ball to someone else if they are in a better position to score than he is, even if it means that he is sacrificing getting the glory for the game. Ronaldo, on the other hand, is sometimes known for taking a shot himself regardless of the fact that there might be someone else in a better position than he is.

5. Speed

Both football players are fast, but Messi is more agile than Ronaldo when it comes to speed. As a smaller player, it is his body structure that could be helping with this, allowing him to change pace and direction with ease. Ronaldo is fast when it comes to purely sprinting, but as a bigger player, he sometimes finds it harder to manoeuvre as easily as he could.

6. Attacking and Defensive Skills

According to statistics, Messi is more likely to win a ball from another player than Ronaldo is, meaning that he is not only a good attacker but he can defend too.

Both Messi and Ronaldo are extremely good players, and the argument about who is the better player could easily go either way. Taking a look at some of the stats may show that overall Ronaldo has scored more goals throughout his career, but there are many more aspects that make up a good football player. One thing is for sure though, Messi rocks!