Why is Pique risking a long-term injury?

Join Francesc and Dan as they answer your questions in an extended edition of La Ronda de Preguntas, discussing Dembele's form, Coutinho's positioning and more! Francesc has the privilege of talking to Argentina and Barcelona expert Roy Nemer for an in-depth analysis of Messi, Mascherano and even Maradona! Not subscribed yet? Take action! We are on Apple Podcasts iOS App, the Android Google Play App and Spotify - and also publish exclusive extra content via Patreon!

Running Order:

Why has Valverde not rested Pique despite his ongoing injury?

Can Messi realistically be compared to Maradona?

Are Barcelona missing the departed Mascherano as much as expected?

Who is responsible for the huge pressure on Dembele's shoulders?

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