Will Dembele recover from his terrible start at Barcelona? Adil @Barca19Stats, Cillessen, Aleñà, Chelsea Preview [TBPod62]

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Join Francesc and Dan as they debate whether the ongoing struggle that Dembele has been faced with since signing for Barcelona will affect him in the long run. Francesc is then joined by Adil @Barca19Stats to discuss the latest Barca news in Part 2 of their interview. The show ends with a very full La Ronda of Quick-Fire Listener Questions. Subscribe via Apple Podcasts iOS App, the Android Google Play App or Spotify to make sure you never miss another episode - and then head over to Patreon for plenty of exclusive content!

Running Order:

Why is Dembele unable to perform at his best at Barcelona?

What does Dembele need to change so he can succeed at the Camp Nou?

Has Cillessen already become the world's best back-up goalkeeper?

How should Valverde have supported Aleñà this season?

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