Does Messi deserve all the credit for Barcelona's season to date? Griezmann unwelcome, Jason Pettigrove and Iniesta's future [TBPod71]

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Francesc and Dan are joined by Jason Pettigrove, influential football journalist and author of Huddy: The Official Autobiography of Alan Hudson, to discuss Joan Laporta, Pele, Cruyff and Barça's superb results this season. Local insider Eugenia Karolyi then joins for another edition of La Ronda de Preguntas. Listen on Apple Podcasts iOS App, Spotify and, if you want to support the show, head over to Patreon for some more content!

Running Order:

What is the secret behind Valverde's success this season?

Should Cules be concerned about Ronaldo challenging Messi for the Pichichi award in La Liga?

Is there any weight in the rumours reporting neither Messi nor Suarez want Griezmann at Barca?

Should Paco Alcacer be sold this summer?

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