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Messi: 'I try to help the team play more' |

Messi explained the evolution of his game. "Before, I picked up the ball and tried to make my play. Today, I try to help the team play more, to pass the ball for everyone and not be so defining. I try to get everyone involved from another position and I keep running like I've always done, but in a different way."

"The World Cup? Everywhere in the world they are waiting for Argentina to be proclaimed champion. But I am trying to live day to day and not worry about that until June. Anyway, I dream of playing the final and being able to lift the Cup. Being so close in recent editions was very painful." More here.

How has Messi’s leadership impacted Barcelona this season? | The Barcelona Podcast

Francesc and Dan are joined by Jason Pettigrove, influential football journalist and author of Huddy: The Official Autobiography of Alan Hudson, to discuss Joan Laporta, Pele, Cruyff and Barça's superb results this season. Local insider Eugenia Karolyi then joins for another edition of La Ronda de Preguntas. Listen on Apple Podcasts iOS App, Spotify and, if you want to support the show, head over to Patreon for some more content!
Antoine Griezmann: My future will be decided before the World Cup | Sport

Antoine Griezmann says his Atletico Madrid future will be decided this summer before the World Cup. The forward spoke to the French newspaper and said "I want to travel to Russia without worry... My future will be decided before the World Cup."

"It's not about knowing where I will play but the tranquility of being in one place or the other," said Griezmann. "It could be boring but I told my sister that whether I stay or not, this will have to resolve itself before (the World Cup). What annoys me is everyone asking me about the same question." More here.

Valverde: I'm not afraid that people will expect Barcelona to win the treble | Marca

Valverde: "I'm not afraid that people will begin to expect us to win the treble," he explained in his post-match press conference. They may say we have a chance to do it, but it's very far away. Passion comes to the fore when you win and the opposite happens when you lose or draw, our players just need to focus on continuing in this way."

"I'd love [finishing unbeaten], but why talk about it now?" he suggested. "We could lose our next game, we just have to wait and see what happens. The rest of the season is very tough, but we know if we maintain this form we'll be closer to our goal."

Madrid's parallel reality problem | Sport

They're no longer talking about La Liga in Madrid. They're only thinking about the Pichichi. And they're celebrating Cristiano Ronaldo's 'comeback' as if it was half a title. If the Portugal forward manages to beat Lionel Messi to the trophy awarded to the league's top scorer, Florentino Perez's 'friends' are capable of throwing a parade in Cibeles.

The Madrid media machine, once again, is changing the perception of reality. More here.

Xavi will continue at Al Sadd for two more years | Sport

Al-Ali: "A primary agreement is in place with Xavi to continue with Al-Sadd for the next two seasons but we haven't determined what his role will be. He could continue as a player or he could have a different role, which will be announced soon."

"It was sad to lose out in the league title race but we had a good season. During the past year, we won three titles and the team is also performing well in the AFC Champions League." More here.

How has Messi’s leadership impacted Barcelona this season? | The Barcelona Podcast