Why Coutinho, Aleña, Arthur won't be enough to overcome Iniesta departure

Francesc and Dan are delighted to bring you our first ever Penya Blaugrana Roundtable! Dani from Penya Barcelonista Chicago, Matt from Barça Dallas, Michael from Club Blaugrana Montreal, Chris from Penya Blaugrana Toronto and Victor from Houston Cules discuss what it means to lead a Blaugrana community thousands of miles away from the Camp Nou, as well as the club's latests news. Listen on Apple Podcasts iOS App, Spotify and, if you want to support the show, head over to Patreon for some more content!

Running Order:

Where can we find your Penya?
Why do you volunteer so much of your time to promote your Penya in your community?
Does having Messi in our team make things easier for your Penya?
Can Coutinho cover the gap that Iniesta's departure would leave?

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