Should Valverde be fired following Barcelona's catastrophic Champions League exit? Musa Okwonga interview, Luis Suarez and La Masia frustration [TBPod78]

Francesc and Dan break down the reasons why Barcelona were so embarrassingly terrible in Roma and rightfully knocked out in the Champions League quarter-finals for the third consecutive season. Your hosts are then joined by football expert Musa Okwonga (BBXO's Hard Road to Travel out now) to get an outsider's perspective on Barca's identity, reasons behind their European failure and future plans.

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Running Order:

Who could replace Valverde if he was to be sacked?

What led to the evident burn-out that most Barcelona key players showed in Roma?

Who is to blame for Barca's inability to control games efficiently in the final third of the season?

Why are Barca not relying on La Masia graduates and non-regulars in La Liga?

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