How has Hungary shaped FC Barcelona? Ferenc Plattkó, László Kubala and the Mighty Magyars [TBPod120]

On this special edition of The Barcelona PodcastDan and guest co-host Mike Miller celebrate Barcelona's Hungarian history. From Ferenc Plattkó to László Kubala and the Mighty Magyars, your hosts break down the important legends of the past who will forever be remembered for their impact in Catalonia, as well some of the names that may have been forgotten.
Running Order:
Ferenc Plattkó - 1923-1930
Elemér Berkessy - 1934-1936
László Kubala - 1951-1961
Zoltán Czibor - 1958-1961
Sándor Kocsis - 1958-1965
Tibor Szalay - 1961-1963
Mátyás Tajti (Youth) - 2014-2016 

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